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We're cunts, spoon us.'s Journal

Monday, September 13, 2004

4:42PM - I am the perfect drug

I don't know why I need to do this since I'm already in bitchass teabagging slut/

You we need to know
Name: The Anal Ripper. I wonder if anyone will actually comment less a scene name.
Age: 18
Sex: M
Height: 5'10
Location: Falmouth Massachusetts
Hair color and why?: Black, and I'll admit it I did it cause it looks damn good and brings the mosh, posi or not.
Pierced?: Side lip, guaged ears (00), prince albert
Your all about you
Favorite bands (5): An Albatross, Nekromantix, Blood Brothers, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Scrint Nacht (shamless plug)
Favorite TV show: Mythbusters, Sunday Night Sex, Hotel Erotica
Favorite Venue for shows?: The VFW
Shows attended?: To many to count, every band in my info plus the local 508
Opinion on Bush: I like to eat it, but Bush is running the country, just all wrong. I will not mar his intelligence, as it is there, it is his direction and morals that I don't like.
Opinion on the "scene": Anyone who tries to be scene on Cape is a homo.
Opinion on "elite": You are born elite. You can't become it.
Favorite clothes?: My diesel jeans, I'm a fashion whore, and NORA hoodie.
Tough? You need to bring it to make it.
Have you ever gotten into a physical fight? Prove it and leave names: Troy Adams-Falmouth VFW. I won. Jade- Mainstreet Hyannis. I won. Shawn-Mainstreet Hyannis I won. Jay 'Reach'- Need I say the outcome. Scott DeLaney- Plymouth Mainstreet- I lost bad.
Did you win?: See above. One down to Mastermosh Scott.
Sexual. Sew sexxy
Virgin? No.
Makeout slut? Yes.
Posed online in a promiscous way or on a skank site (yeah, that is so not classy)? No.
Brainiac. If it's empty inside, you won't make it outside.
College? I am attending good old 4cs for 2 years, then I am tranferring into St. Joes, so yes I am smart. I'm just paying for this all on my own.
Political Views? See the aforementioned Bush question. Vote Haliburton.
Why are you better?
Your favorite 3 big words? Prominent, effervescense, ingnoramous.
Ways I can improve this badass? Layout it.

My 2 for the info: Nekromantix, belts.
My pictures are on the my space.


This is my first community. if you can layout/banner/icon it, fuck me. you are amazing.